Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Past few days

Monday and Tuesday were essentially the same. Good running weather, both days. Cloudy, but not raining. Both days I went around Klahanie, finishing at home with another mile or so. Trying also to add weight training, which I also did. Today, wednesday, took a walk as a break. Planning a longer run tomorrow, plus a long run this weekend.

Got some new tunes from Napster. Yay! Lots of guilty pleasure tunes (Marilyn Manson, and Limp Bizkit. Seriously, try running to it...)

Sunday ended up with a blister. What's up with that? Gotta be the vacation time off. Tuesday ran w/ Sauconys and my feet were fine. Don't need blisters now, after having no foot problems in the past.

Hubby starting to run more, as his foot pain is better. I'm starting to feel a little competitive. He was a college athlete. So I know he'll whip himself into shape super fast, and I'll be left in the dust! Guess I'd better starting taking my training seriously. Ha ha. HA! Maniacal laughter!

Hope to be writing tomorrow after a successful long run. Kids at camp, and its not my turn to drive, so I get a bit more time. Hooray. And knock on wood.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back from vacation

Just got back yesterday from 10 glorious days on the OR coast. Wow did we have a great time. DH took 433 pictures on our new Canon digital camera. He's the photographer in the family. My pictures generally turn out pretty goofy.

Took a couple short runs on the beach. Figured I could use some time off...its a taper...right? Ha ha. Back to training today. Ran around Klahanie and then back around the construction site. About 10 miles. Plenty of favorite. Lest you think I'm being facetious...hills rule. Can't train in Sammamish w/o hills. Unless you run only on the river trail, but to get there is a big hill, or park the car (neither of which I do). Going east is best. Less traffic, and plenty of trails and subdivisions.

Kids have camp this week, so I get 4 mornings to run. Added some new stuff to my MP3 player, which is nice. Napster's not so bad.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hot and getting hotter

Friday had the kids, plus it was hot, so did 9.5mi. on the treadmill. But at least I can do some speedwork and "hills." Its not so bad.

Saturday did Klahanie twice, from home, which is about 12mi. Good for clearing my head! The weather wasn't quite as hot, so I didn't fry. The water at the park was enough. Hope for the same run tomorrow, as early as possible.

We have peas, and some blossoms on the pumpkin, but I'm sure its happening too late. We had some cold nights in late spring, which probably slowed them down. Maybe next year I'll get things going earlier inside or maybe I can build a small pvc greenhouse. Or maybe not. I'm happy w/ the tomatoes and carrots, plus the dahlias and green beans are doing nicely.

Dave Grohl can do no wrong!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

monday and tuesday.

Okay, so it is wednesday, the 4th of July. Today was an off day, but monday ran 11miles and tuesday 9.5. Man, it was hot. Especially today. Didn't get up early enough to take a run today, so friday will be another 9 miler. I might try to squeeze in an afternoon shortie thursday, but we'll see.

Optimus Prime would be a great band name, I think.

I was shrivelling in the 90+ heat today. Sometimes I see people out biking/running/whatever, and I can't see how they can stand it in this weather. I'm totally acclimated to the 55 and gray that is Seattle! Plus I'm a total wuss.

Got a nice gift cert. to Foot Zone for my birthday. Hmmm......

Going to be hot the rest of the week.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Me and cutie #2

I love this picture because my hair looks fairly normal. Its shorter now. Too short to pull back (barely). So when I run it gets big a puffy. Totally a wicked '80s look.

Sundays are you know what

Yes. Its true. My least favorite day of the week. Discovered today that some deer have eaten roses and stripped the Fugi apple tree. Because of the fence and dogs, we haven't had deer in the yard for years. Those bums! I wish I had seen them, then I would have let the dogs out. In the past I have chased the deer myself, but they just look at me like, whatever lady, we're not scared of you.

Yesterday was sensational. Ran up to Beaver Lake park. Got some water, then took the lovely trail through the woods, which connects to the lake. Then took the road to where the newly posted trail signs are. Checked out a google map before I left. And lo and behold it right totally right....the trails connect to Soaring Eagle park! Wow! 7 years I've lived here, and never taken those trails. Although, I think there was a property rights issue (the trails apparently pass through private land). The city must have negiotiated some kind of right of way, because they are building a new, small parking lot just off West Beaver Lk. road. This is exciting. Anyway, I did some trail running and only got a little muddy. Eventually I hit the boundary to Soaring Eagle. There, the smaller trail connected to a wider one. One way was some parking lot (Trossachs?). I went the other way. Hilly, but open and pretty. Got to the end. Didn't know where I was. Guess where? The Plateau club! Boy was my sense of direction off. I guess I was going north when I thought the trail ran east/west. Anyway, I hit the parking lot and ran on East Main drive until it turned into SE 8th st. Through the subdivisions and back to 228th (the main drag through the city). I could see lots of trails shooting off here and there, so this area is prime for exploring. Anyway, did a mapmyrun and ended up going approx. 12 miles (the length of time I was gone corresponds). No running today because we took the kids out in the rowboat and then it was yardwork time.