Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hot and getting hotter

Friday had the kids, plus it was hot, so did 9.5mi. on the treadmill. But at least I can do some speedwork and "hills." Its not so bad.

Saturday did Klahanie twice, from home, which is about 12mi. Good for clearing my head! The weather wasn't quite as hot, so I didn't fry. The water at the park was enough. Hope for the same run tomorrow, as early as possible.

We have peas, and some blossoms on the pumpkin, but I'm sure its happening too late. We had some cold nights in late spring, which probably slowed them down. Maybe next year I'll get things going earlier inside or maybe I can build a small pvc greenhouse. Or maybe not. I'm happy w/ the tomatoes and carrots, plus the dahlias and green beans are doing nicely.

Dave Grohl can do no wrong!

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