Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Past few days

Monday and Tuesday were essentially the same. Good running weather, both days. Cloudy, but not raining. Both days I went around Klahanie, finishing at home with another mile or so. Trying also to add weight training, which I also did. Today, wednesday, took a walk as a break. Planning a longer run tomorrow, plus a long run this weekend.

Got some new tunes from Napster. Yay! Lots of guilty pleasure tunes (Marilyn Manson, and Limp Bizkit. Seriously, try running to it...)

Sunday ended up with a blister. What's up with that? Gotta be the vacation time off. Tuesday ran w/ Sauconys and my feet were fine. Don't need blisters now, after having no foot problems in the past.

Hubby starting to run more, as his foot pain is better. I'm starting to feel a little competitive. He was a college athlete. So I know he'll whip himself into shape super fast, and I'll be left in the dust! Guess I'd better starting taking my training seriously. Ha ha. HA! Maniacal laughter!

Hope to be writing tomorrow after a successful long run. Kids at camp, and its not my turn to drive, so I get a bit more time. Hooray. And knock on wood.

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