Wednesday, July 4, 2007

monday and tuesday.

Okay, so it is wednesday, the 4th of July. Today was an off day, but monday ran 11miles and tuesday 9.5. Man, it was hot. Especially today. Didn't get up early enough to take a run today, so friday will be another 9 miler. I might try to squeeze in an afternoon shortie thursday, but we'll see.

Optimus Prime would be a great band name, I think.

I was shrivelling in the 90+ heat today. Sometimes I see people out biking/running/whatever, and I can't see how they can stand it in this weather. I'm totally acclimated to the 55 and gray that is Seattle! Plus I'm a total wuss.

Got a nice gift cert. to Foot Zone for my birthday. Hmmm......

Going to be hot the rest of the week.

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