Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sundays are you know what

Yes. Its true. My least favorite day of the week. Discovered today that some deer have eaten roses and stripped the Fugi apple tree. Because of the fence and dogs, we haven't had deer in the yard for years. Those bums! I wish I had seen them, then I would have let the dogs out. In the past I have chased the deer myself, but they just look at me like, whatever lady, we're not scared of you.

Yesterday was sensational. Ran up to Beaver Lake park. Got some water, then took the lovely trail through the woods, which connects to the lake. Then took the road to where the newly posted trail signs are. Checked out a google map before I left. And lo and behold it right totally right....the trails connect to Soaring Eagle park! Wow! 7 years I've lived here, and never taken those trails. Although, I think there was a property rights issue (the trails apparently pass through private land). The city must have negiotiated some kind of right of way, because they are building a new, small parking lot just off West Beaver Lk. road. This is exciting. Anyway, I did some trail running and only got a little muddy. Eventually I hit the boundary to Soaring Eagle. There, the smaller trail connected to a wider one. One way was some parking lot (Trossachs?). I went the other way. Hilly, but open and pretty. Got to the end. Didn't know where I was. Guess where? The Plateau club! Boy was my sense of direction off. I guess I was going north when I thought the trail ran east/west. Anyway, I hit the parking lot and ran on East Main drive until it turned into SE 8th st. Through the subdivisions and back to 228th (the main drag through the city). I could see lots of trails shooting off here and there, so this area is prime for exploring. Anyway, did a mapmyrun and ended up going approx. 12 miles (the length of time I was gone corresponds). No running today because we took the kids out in the rowboat and then it was yardwork time.

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